The intent of is to provide a forum for the dissemination of information and stimulation of discussions related to issues of importance to residents of Greene County, the Hudson Valley, the six-county Catskill region, and all of New York state. Our goal is to provide ongoing dialog that will promote the vision of Greene County as progressive, environmentally leading, educationally innovative, and supportive of local farms and business. We intend to take strong and detailed positions on issues and candidates, and critique politicians, government institutions and mass media, providing facts and opinions not always covered by print or electronic corporate media. In addition to fact-finding and criticism, this blog will recommend specific ideas and courses of action to consider.

We encourage participation, by all, concerning the issues and problems we are faced with now, and hope you will offer ideas and solutions that can lead to actions that allow Greene County, and all of New York state be to viewed as a model of progressive government, industry, education, and democracy.

We are not a forum for neo-con rants and uninformed extremism. We strongly believe that an informed and involved electorate is essential for the existence and growth of a society based on equality, openness, and mutual respect.

Postings will be reviewed and where appropriate, fact-checked.